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From 15 April to 13 July 2018

For the miart 2018 event, Mr Giuseppe Iannaccone has chosen to dedicate IN PRATICA #5 to a special project which introduces Italy to works generously created, by Adrian and Melisa Paci in Scutari, Albania: or rather a school for artists. “What inspired me – writes Mr Iannaccone – was that act of generosity that you, Adrian, have shown towards your home city of Scutari and towards Albanian artists: thanks to Art House School you have provided ten artists with the opportunity to meet, share and discuss their work and experiences, while asking for nothing in return. You have given them the occasion to have hands on experiences with curators and international critics”.

Art House is “A place” – says Adrian Paci – “that allows the movement of ideas, where a private home opens up to the local community and where the community of a small city exchange intellectual and cultural contributions of the great world of art, whilst also maintaining the intimacy and closeness of the relationship”.

In other words, if Albania doesn’t go to the rest of the world, the rest of the world goes to Albania
The works of the ten featured artists of the Art House School 2017, are positioned within the dedicated areas of the legal firm, and set among the works of the Collezione Iannaccone, which have been rearranged for the occasion.

“Never before” – writes Giuseppe Iannaccone – “had I imagined that one day I would have invited ten artists to expose their work, contemporarily. However, now that I look at them together, I notice once again that when artists are able to reach within and touch the depths of man, a miracle occurs. Marc Quinn’s moving beauty of disability seems to speak the same language of love as Alketa Ramaj’s video. The images of young Brazilians portrayed by Jetmir Idrizi recall the same search for sexual identity illustrated in the photographic shots of Nan Goldin; Stefano Romano’s photographs of fleeting actions communicate with the solid figures of Massimo Bartolini; the gaze on the face captured by Silva Agostini recalls the gaze trapped within the works of Dana Schutz. The neon red in Remijon Pronja’s photographs seems to contradict the sense of intimate domesticity found also within the works of Paola Pivi; the delicacy of Bora Baboçi’s drawings reappears in those created by Andrea Romano; the representations of pagan or Christian Gods by Alket Frashëri are in agreeance with the pantheon of deities. The mythological heroes of Luigi Ontani; the landscapes of Lek M Gjeloshi are reminiscent of those of Hernan Bas; Iva Lulashi’s painting is confronted with that of Borremans; the introspective drawings of Fatlum Doçi are similar to the dreamlike landscapes of Indian artists, such as Atul Dodiya.”

The idea of this project is thoroughly explained in the precious volumewhich accompanies the exhibition, edited by Mousse Publishing, in Italian, English and Albanian. The edition contains images of the works of the artists that have resided at the Art House, as well as a collection of conversations between Adrian, Zef Paci and the ten artists at the centre of the exhibition. There is also a special story about the journey undertaken by the curator of the collection at the Paci residence.

The exhibition was created with the patronage of the Albanian Ministry of Culture and thanks to the contribution of Kooness for the audio and video material, Massimo Romanò for the frames and Open Care – art services, FARE and ARKA for the hospitality given to the artists, all of whom will be present on the day of the inauguration.

The exhibition can be visited at the Giuseppe Iannaccone Legal Studio from 15 April to 13 July 2018, by appointment only, for small groups.


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